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Empower your business with powerful media relations across…..

India, Bangladesh & Sri Lanka

Have you ever read about a competitor in a newspaper and magazine and wondered why your company isn't receiving media attention?

Strategic media relations conjures awareness of your company, and your products and services with customers and business partners, creating a headship persona that piques interest and helps your company prosper. Proactive media relations takes a great deal in building healthy relations, and is best to be left to experienced professionals who know how to catch the attention of reporters to your story instead of driving them away.

When you are geared up to integrate the news media into your overall communication plan, you are taking a significant step in further empowering your business. The impact of coverage in a print or online news article, radio, or television spot is helpful and reckonable in terms of how the piece of information is received by readers, listeners and viewers.

Splendid believes in in-depth research and architects an optimal solution, working with our established network of media contacts. Our services include review and analysis of your existing media coverage; rigorous research on targeted media outlets; use of SR as media contact to field reporter queries; and positioning of articles in key publications in India, Bangladesh & Srilanka.

Our prime focus is to influence industry-specific bureau to ensure unswerving and flourishing execution of our clients’ communication strategy. Using comprehensive and enduring planning we can foresee media opportunities and capitalize upon them with strategic media relations.